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– Max Recording Resolution: 12MP
– Channels: 8CH
– Built-in POE : 8 Port PoE
– LAN Ports: 1
– Video Outputs: HDMI / VGA
– NDAA Compliant: Yes
– VCA Features: Basic VCA, Face Detection, Facial Recognition, POS / Point of Sale
– Hardware Features: Alarm in, Alarm out, Audio in, Audio out



4K Resolution Support

  • True 4K high-resolution display
  • Record at advanced level of detail for forensic data
  • Enhanced Situational awareness with clear video.

License Plate Recognition Support

  • Monitor and Control Vehicle Entry and Exit Points on a Property
  • Efficient Record Retention Process, useable Forensic Data
  • Authorized and unauthorized Vehicle List Support

Face Recognition Support

  • Compare 18 facial images per second.
  • 32 libraries with roughly 10,000 face picture databases
  • Search by picture, add, modify, or delete facial images.
  • Support face recognition alarm and “Stranger Match Alarm”

Human and Vehicle Classification Support

  • Actively detect in real-time loitering and vandalism in various scenarios
  • Accurately detect human or vehicle, effectively reducing false alarms

Video Content Analytics (VCA) Support

  • Abandoned/Missing Object
  • Region Entrance and Exit
  • Tripwire Detection


Applications: effective perimeter protection, loss prevention and business intelligence, theft and vandalism protection, asset protection, providing efficient forensic data, tenant and property protection.

ED9308H5NV-8P-A (AI model)

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